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McKenney Hills - Carroll Knolls Civic Association

MH-CK Civic Association Officers

2016-2017 Officers

President, Ed Wilhelm
Ed Wilhelm and his wife, Linda, moved into the community eleven years ago. For the previous eighteen years, they lived in Takoma Park, where they raised four sons. Most of Ed’s community service consisted of coaching youth sports—soccer, baseball, and basketball. For several years, he ran the Takoma Park Neighborhood Youth Soccer and founded the Takoma Park Soccer Club.

Ed started his involvement with the MH-CK community by helping distribute the newsletter, volunteering at the Blues Festival, and pulling weeds at the park cleanup efforts.

Ed is currently a part of the Bylaws Committee andis eagerly looking forward to his work as President. His primary goals are to make it easier for members to participate in the various activities of the association, interact with other members, and learn.

E-mail: president [at]

Vice President, Karen Nozik
Karen moved into the MH-CK neighborhood in January of 2013 with her steady, Brian Grosso, and immediately they took a liking to the neighborhood. Karen has a passion for community livability, having served as Outreach Director for the Bicycle Federation of America and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. When she was younger and ate idealism for breakfast, Karen helped to launch the Partnership for a Walkable America, a coalition of health, safety, government, business, and transportation organizations advocating for more physically active communities. Last June, she self-published her first book, What’s in a Box of Cereal?, an illustrated book about the inter-connectedness of all things.

Secretary, Kathryn Toffenetti
Kathryn has been an active member of the Civic Association since the mid 1990s, distributing newsletters, participating in the McKenney Hills Park cleanups and helping out at the fall block parties and Winter Blues Festival. She served as Secretary of the Civic Association in 2014 and 2015.

Kathryn Toffenetti was born and raised in Chicago. She has lived in Silver Spring since 1984, and in her house on Darrow Street since late 1989. When she moved to Darrow Street, her wonderful old neighbors made her welcome and told her of the early years of the neighborhood. Timeies, and now she qualies as an old-timer herself, with many wonderful younger neighbors. It’s been especially fun watching the neighborhood children grow.

Kathryn is an attorney, and has worked at the U.S. De- partment of Agriculture Of ce of the General Coun- sel for 32 years. She works with the USDA Forest Service on public land law and environmental issues. On weekends, you are likely to nd her working in her garden—please stop by and smell the roses, when they are in bloom! She is a long-time member of the Takoma Park Singers, a community chorus, and is a Montgomery County Weed Warrior.

Treasurer, Peggy Kavanagh
Peggy moved to the Carroll Knolls neighborhood in November 2001. Her Darrow Street home met her "must haves" of convenient access to both public transportation and shopping. The neighbors welcomed her from the very beginning and instantly made her feel part of the community. She first became involved with the neighborhood’s association by delivering the quarterly newsletter. She has had the opportunity to meet even more of the neighbors on her daily walks with Maddie, her adopted 6-year-old hound mix. Peggy works as an economist at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania many moons ago.

Larry Margasak, Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair
My goal this year is to continue to inform the community about crimes committed in the neighborhood, to keep encouraging residents to self-report crimes or anything that looks suspicious and to stay in touch with our community officer when necessary.

Favorite feature of the MH-CK community: Before I became active in the association, I would have said access to Metro. But now, I would say the chance to meet many of my neighbors through the civic association. Without the association, one would have no idea how many friendly and interesting neighbors we have.

Favorite CA event: The summer block party and the winter blues festival both offer a great time and a chance to see many neighbors. I don'™t think we need much improvement, but one thing we could do is find talented people (singers, musicians, actors, high school or college students) to put on a show, perhaps even arranging a rehearsal. It would take a volunteer to put this together, but all those in the show would have their friends and relatives come, thereby increasing the overall attendance.

Vince Bradley, Zoning and Traffic Committee Chair
Vincent Bradley has lived on Leslie Street since August 2008. Never one to focus on stepping backwards fast enough, he has been a progressively more active member of the community since his first active civic association enrollment at the Winter Blues Festival of 2010. Since then he has served as president in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016, and fulfilled roles organizing social events, newsletter publication, and newsletter distribution. This year he returns as president continuing to improve communication, transparency of the association's functions, and community participation. And, more block parties. Anyone up for an artist's party/exhibit?

Mike Livermore, Communication Chair
Mike moved into the neighborhood in 2008 and has been involved in the civic association since 2012. He likes various musical activities (playing, listening, seeing, organizing) as well as outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kayaking etc.).

What's your favorite CA event?

My favorite activities are the block parties because I always meet new neighbors and get to know others better, which leads to a stronger community.

Ben Schlesinger, Social Events Chair
I have lived on Finch Street for 2.5 years with my wife Sara. We are expecting our first child in January. I like our community because everyone I’ve met is warm and welcoming. I decided to volunteer for this position because I feel like neighbors don’t get to see each other enough and I want everyone to have a more enriching experience living in this neighborhood. I want to have more fun events and different kinds of outreach activities for everyone. My main job is working in government relations for the American Kidney Fund. On the side, I teach Hebrew school at Temple Beth Ami in Rockville and I also DJ special events. I’m a big Nationals and University of Maryland fan and also love going to the National Zoo to take pictures.